The latest astrophoto
Welcome to my astrophoto site. Through these pages, I hope to be able to inspire people to start imaging our beutiful night sky. With the right processing techniques and some patience you don’t have to travel far or use ultra-expensive equipment to discover the heavens as my images hopefully show.

Most photos on this site were taken from home backyard in Borås, Sweden, which is located in an orange zone (class 5) on the Bortle dark-sky scale. Although I am currently moving to a ASI1600MM-COOL dedicated astro-camera, I have mostly used a modded Canon EOS 600D camera together with a  SkyWatcher Esprit 80ED F/5 refractor telescope attached to a Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Pro mount. For autoguiding I use a Sky-Watcher SynGuider attached to a 80mm F/7.5 Celestron guide scope.

SkyWatcher Esprit 80ED photo session
SkyWatcher Esprit 80ED photo session

The camera is computer-controlled with BackyardEOS and I mainly use PixInsight for image processing while SkySafari Pro is used for planning the photo sessions.

Thanks for looking and wish you all clear skies,

Peter Folkesson

Current weather forecast for Borås:

My images (and data about them) are also available at the eminent site AstroBin.