Leo Triplet – 2017

Leo Triplet – 2017

2017-04-22 23:00-02:30
Some initial clouds, little wind, no moon, 60% humidity, 1 degrees C

2017-04-18 22:15-03:15
Clear, no wind, no moon, 70% humidity, -3 degrees C

2017-03-26 22:00-02:00
Clear, little wind, no moon, 90% humidity, 4 degrees C

(105+94)x90s L
(56+45+59)x90s RGB
Camera: ASI1600MM-COOL+ZWO EFWmini, Baader R,G,B,7nm Ha, IDAS LPS-D1, gain 200, offset 50, -20C
Lens: Sky-Watcher Esprit 80ED + Sky-Watcher field flattener
Mount: HEQ5 Pro
Skywatcher SynGuider auto guider and Celestron 80mm guide scope
Software: Sequence Generator Pro, PixInsight, Photoshop
Location: Borås, Sweden

2 thoughts on “Leo Triplet – 2017”

  1. Hello,
    I live your work! Amazing photographs.

    I am starting off on astrophotography and I had a few questions. My equipment is a 71 mm ED refractor (William Optics) with a flattener and like yours, an ZWO ASI1600MM cool camera with a ZWO EFW. I have the ZWO LRGB filters and a 12nm H alpha. I still have 2 open slots in the EFW.

    As I live in Washington, DC, light pollution is quite heavy.

    Are you using the IDAS filter instead of a standard luminance filter?
    Do you use the IDAS for the L channel only or do you also stack the RGB through it (mounted in the flattener instead of the EFW).

    Much appreciate your advice.

    Many thanks!


    1. Hello and thank you very much Suparno!

      Yes, the IDAS filter is used instead of the luminance and for luminance only, works great since the RGB filters already work OK as LP filters (no need for filter stacking).



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